Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March Meeting: A change of session

Dear Diary,

You may know me as the mild-mannered Irvine student, but I have a previous life and fight crime by night.  I only keep my other physics life separate to protect those I care about.

Kieron advocates that you go to other sessions if you find them interesting (but don't neglect your own!).  So, I skipped over to the proximity effects session.

There, I ran into one student I met in Colombia during a conference there, Chien-te.  We asked everyone what their favorite curse in a foreign language was.  The winner was from the original Hungarian:  I lay an egg on your head!

So, I asked some questions, and found the first author of a paper that came out whose name was Caroline.  I asked her and Chien-te to get some food afterward with me, but I have to go back and see Kieron, Raphael, and my talk!

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