Friday, March 28, 2014

March Meeting: Wednesday

Dear Diary,

Today, Aurora chairs a session.  That was real cool!  She did a good job of remaining confident, keeping on time, and being awesome.  Nice!

I went to see a professor from my Master's institution, CSU Long Beach.  Professor Peterson is doing well; he has some new students.  We discussed a few things.

Kieron has a rule where you must talk to three professors.  I'm not sure if this one counts, but I sent an email to Caroline's advisor last night asking to talk.  We're set for Thursday.

The talks this time were hard to get my head around only because I don't know enough.  Adam Wasserman spoke about partitioning.  He also had a student, Martin, who will be recognized here for "Kohnshamizing" everything.  I vow, from this day forward, to always Kohnshamize wherever possible.  I also enjoyed Neepa's students who did some interesting, accessible work.

Peter also presented, but my lack of knowledge in TDDFT is disturbing.  I'll have to take a peak at it after I get my current work done.  It seems useful.

Afterward, we spoke with Peter and Attila.  They were really cool to get to know! They had a lot of nostalgic stories about working with Kieron!  They really miss working here!  I can't wait until I'm as cool as they are!

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