Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Meeting 2014: Getting There

Dear Diary,

I'm headed to the March Meeting!  Li's wife graciously offered to drive us to the airport. We have a good airfare, but I should have read ahead to see there was a fee for the carry on bag. For now, it's just a lesson for next time.

At the airport, you could see the snow, but not the mountains (too much fog).  We took a taxi in to our hotel.  One of our compadres from the department, Preston, is staying in a hotel closer to downtown.  We decided to join forces over some Pho downtown (recommended!).

Preston brought a postdoc with him from the group.  He used to work with Jain, a big name in the fractional quantum hall effect for coming up with composite fermions.

We're not supposed to eat with other group members, but the conference hadn't really started yet, so we'll give ourselves a pass today.

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