Tuesday, March 18, 2014

They say it's your birthday-it's my birthday too, yeah!

Dear Diary,

It's my birthday today, and I wanted to reflect with you about this 27th year.  You know, the title line of this post is from The Beatles' song Birthday and is the ultimate "someone hits on someone else, finds out it's their birthday, and claims they have the same birthday ever so slyly"-line.  It apparently worked for The Beatles, but for the rest of us it probably only works one day a year.  Now to find someone else who is also having their birthday...

My sources say that the 27th birthday is a unique time in one's life because Saturn has just revolved around the sun once*.  Because of this, it is a time of great reflection in one's life where you can finalize the lessons from your relatively chaotic youth and figure out how you want to wield those experiences.  Lots of famous people have had to tackle this milestone including Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, and Kurt Cobain.  It looks like I'm in talented company!

Here's to one more year!

[Editor's note: *-technically, Saturn goes around the sun every 29 years...but the wisdom and life lessons still apply.]

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